School Lunch

Many KHS students have been wondering why it is necessary to obtain new lunch pass stickers, every quarter.It is a bit of a hassle standing in long line waiting  but, it’s all for a good cause. We asked Mrs. Ayala, who is in charge, and she explained to us how important it is to do lunch passes in this manner.

It is a privilege for kids to have lunch passes to go off campus, and not every one of them deserves this. Many students have bad grades, as well as tardies or even referrals. This is not okay, and so stickers every quarter are necessary. Kid’s are required to stand in line in order to get their sticker. Mrs. Ayala came up with this simple and smarter process. Before, it used to be very difficult. Mrs. Ayala would take a huge binder filled with every student’s records, over a weekend’s period, and look through every single one in order to evaluate whether a student was able to go off campus. It was such a difficult hassle and so much time was put into it! Why should she bear this when students are the ones that are getting the privilege? I think the method we use now is fair. If students want to go off campus, they can stand in line and wait a couple minutes for their sticker. It shouldn’t be somebody else’s duty determine whether a student can go off campus, especially knowing there is a vast majority of students! The process now is easier and more fair for everybody. Click here to see the Official Lunch Request.