Canned Food Drive Failure – Alexandra Kirkpatrick

The Kerman Canned Food drive is an annual tradition meant to spread positivity and hope throughout our community. There are many families in our community who, during this holiday season, are unable to have the privilege of devouring a Thanksgiving meal. Our school goal was to offer 1,500 cans to these families in need. Sadly, Kerman High School only reached approximately one-third of its goal. Despite the efforts to encourage and push students to give, the number of cans received was disappointing. If every student gave at least one can, the goal would have been so much more closely met.  By simply choosing to give to those in our community, our school could have made a positive difference. The lack of participation is devastating. Last year, the Kerman food bank had full shelves, which resulted in Kerman High not participating in the annual food drive. However, this year the food bank was highly dependant on the donations of the students at Kerman High. Hopefully, more students will be inclined to participate in the annual Canned Food drive next year.

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