Missing Sports at KHS – Wendy Oseguera

Kerman high has many sports to join or to try out for; such as basketball, football, cross country etc. Have you ever wondered why there’s a girl’s Volleyball team, but there isn’t a boys volleyball team. Or why we don’t have a lacrosse team, rugby or boxing? So many sports are being excluded. It’s very possible to add another sport to KHS; Track and field is a new sport that’s been around the school for about two years. However, even though it might be possible it’s not on heavy demand to add more sports to the school program.

In order to include a new sport to the sports program, there needs to be numerous amounts of participants that are interested in the sport to allow the sport to be maintained for a long period of time. The school district wouldn’t want to spend money on a new sport that’ll be unpopular or irrelevant in a few years to the incoming students. An addition to participants, there needs to be other teams around our area of the Central Valley to add a new sport.

For example, Edison high school has a boys volleyball team and they’re in our school division “neighbors” so it’s quite possible for a boys volleyball to exist at Kerman High. That’s if the school can provide coaches and set up a schedule and space for the team itself. On a school survey of 197 students at KHS were asked “if they could add one sport to the school program which one would they pick”; 17 students said boxing, 26 said rugby, 34 for ultimate frisbee, 42 for boys volleyball and 78 said lacrosse.

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