Leadership – Zayleah Evans

What is the purpose of the Leadership program at Kerman High School? Is it students who participate in making posters to promote activities around the school, or is it more than that? Many do not know their function, and it is something that is not being addressed enough.

Many activities are put on throughout the week, and student involvement is evidently becoming stronger. What students do not see is who organizes our school activities, and all of the work that goes into planning them.

Rallies, lunch-time activities, and a majority of student section duties are ran by the students in leadership, and they are all in an effort to provide the school with the sense of unity and pride. Signs put up by leadership around the school are seen by most, resulting in the idea that the students are just promoting activities the school is putting on, but on the contrary, leadership puts on most. The decorations and new efforts being put into the Kerman High Lion’s Den was voted on by the students. Games such as crossfire, basketball, and even the Halloween Costume Contest has all been managed in the hands of leadership, and word is spreading.

A new idea introduced by leadership this year is the use of spirit points. Spirit points are earned from class activities and participation, and the class with the most spirit points at the end of the semester will be rewarded. This new idea was implemented in order to further excite the students in what they may gain from being involved, but also a way to show them they are being recognized for what they are doing.

Kerman High School’s leadership class is involved in most behind-the-scenes efforts that the school activities bring, and the transparency between students and this needs to be lifted. All of the students act as voices of the student body as a whole, and the connection needs to be further established by informing our school on their purpose.

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