Dress Code – Nikole Tarter

The Dress Code policy enforced at Kerman High School may seem just and fair, but is it? The dress code implemented on our campus is centered around the demands of our male population, but what about our female population? It is entirely in favor of the male mind, and it does not allow any room for a female to express herself through her clothing all because we have become so uniform to caring for the males wants instead of worrying about the females needs. The dress code makes valid points, such as the rules regarding gang affiliation, and the secrecy of tattoos, and I understand why we have one here at Kerman High, but I do not understand why our school continues to advocate the idea that boys cannot control themselves. We cannot continue to teach the female population to hide their bodies and their self-confidence, all because the male mind isn’t considered to be mature enough to enlist some self-control.

The Dress Code we allow to be enforced at our school is quite demeaning to both genders, male and female. It denies our young ladies the right to embrace and express their confidence through their sense of style, and it keeps the male mind in a tiny box. This box is filled with lies; it continues to promote the idea that the men at Kerman High aren’t grown enough to act like civilized people and have the power to do and say whatever they please. The boys at Kerman High School can walk around and spread hate and disgusting rumors about the girls at Kerman High School, but we cannot wholly blame them for their actions. As a society, we have allowed the idea that “boys will be boys” to run our schools and our decision-making process inherited into them. The idea that “boys will be boys” is an outdated phrase that allows the irresponsible actions of young males to go unnoticed, therefore they never face any consequences. This type of thinking is most commonly seen in situations in which a young male doesn’t know how to act in a civil way when he is in the presence of a young female. This way of thinking has been quite popular in the past, but it’s part of the problem, not the solution. We need to understand that times are changing and we need to update our way of thinking before we recklessly enforce damaging rules into our schooling system.

The Dress Code at Kerman High is not only outdated, but it’s also unfair and in favor of one party. It takes the easy way out everytime. I’ve been at Kerman High School for four years now, and I’ve never seen a staff member scold a male student for saying something vulgar to a female student walking by. I’ve seen the incident before, a few times actually, but I’ve never seen any real justice for it. Instead of upgrading our way of thinking and teaching young people at Kerman High to respect themselves, and the people around them, we enforce a dress code that only really applies to certain people. I hope to see a drastic change in the way our school decides to handle specific issues, such as sexual harassment and our dress code. I am hoping that the Kerman High School Staff members will listen to the needs of the roaring voice of the women at Kerman High and take control over any situation that is clearly unwanted and vulgar. It would be disgraceful to continue to let these problems occur within our campus.

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