Water Polo – Alexandra Kirkpatrick

It has been an exciting first quarter at KHS with several changes and additions to school life. One of the many additions to the campus includes the Kerman High Water Polo team. The new aquatic sport has been at it since summer and has been making massive steps towards improvement. Several players such as Adrian Camacho say they have joined the sport due to an obligation they felt because of their experience in swimming. Players have described the sport as both “vigorous” and “fun.” The sport can be very challenging and difficult for unconditioned players, but nonetheless very entertaining and engaging for both players and spectators.

Although the school has offered much support to the new team by offering them the necessary supplies and training, there is a lack of backing when it comes to the players. Some, including coaches, believe more training and camps would be very useful in becoming better athletes. Several players also believe most teams being played against are “out of their league.”

When speaking to Mr. Wake, the Kerman High Water Polo Boy’s coach, about the new sport he explained that Water Polo had been on the minds of board members for some time and had only recently finally been initiated. He also explained the reluctance was because of an assumption that there would be a lack of players. Mr. Wake went onto say that people can help support the Kerman High Water Polo team by simply coming to the games and learning the game itself.

Overall, as the season has gone on and games have been played, there has been an evident amount of improvement among players and the overall teams. The Girl’s Water Polo team had only won one match on the year, but recently replayed an invitational that got postponed, and they won not one, but both games last Wednesday. Then the Boy’s Water Polo team went from losing by double digit figures against Chowchilla to forming close matches and showing Kerman’s improvement. Kerman High is looking forward to the growing potential of the team along with supporting it on its journey.

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