New Buildings in Kerman-By Gabriela Barba

Residents of Kerman, the development of new buildings Should be one of the items to concern yourselves about. Companies have considered this town to include in their chain. Because Kerman is so small, making it bigger will give the community more to do, as well as increase the population and acknowledgment of it.

By now you’re all wondering what is going to go in the vacant land lot behind AutoZone. With help from Mr. Nunez, our school vice principal, we can narrow it down to a restaurant, Ross, or another gas station.

Yes that’s correct, Ross may be coming to Kerman. Big businesses are starting to realize the profit of building here in Kerman. The walmart opening has saved the people of Kerman a lot of time and gas due to no longer having to drive to Fresno from Kerman. While some tend to like the commutes, others complained about the chore of going to the city.It wastes gas, time, and other precious commodities. With the development of Ross it will give us almost no reason to go to Fresno. Who knows, maybe we might get a movie theatre or an arcade. Anything to make this small town bigger.

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