Mariachi – Komal Virdi

The second year of Mariachi has proven to be a success under the tutelage of a one Mr. Steve Nance and Ms. Adams. In addition to Band, Advanced Band, Guitar, Percussion, and Jazz Band, Mr. Nance and Ms. Adams invited mariachi into their musical family. For those of you who do not know, our mariachi consists of trumpeteers, violinists, vihuelians, guitarists, guitarronists, and of course, the vocalists. The vihuela along with the guitarron are Spanish instruments: the vihuela is comprised of only five strings and looks like a smaller guitar, while the guitarron has six strings and is has a deep concave in the back.

Mariachi 2017 started off with fairly easy songs consisting of: De Colores, Arboles de la Barranca, Cielito Lindo, and have also played at more than a few venues in Kerman. Since there are many newcomers in the class, the directors stuck to popular songs that the audience can sing along to. Taken from a recent interview with Mr. Steve Nance, Mariachi’s second year is off to a better start than last year. No violins are late this time around (last year the violins arrived in October rather than August) and there are many returning students to guide the newcomers into this genre. Mr. Nance and Ms. Adams have seen a new confidence grow in the violin section as well as the guitarron section. Building on this confidence, the directors have added more pieces to their repertoire, including Ojos Españoles, El Gatito, and Mariachi Loco. Since Mariachi Leon, the name of our mariachi group, has become stronger, there are more venues coming up with performances by Mariachi Leon. The closest booking is November 18th taking place at the Kerman Covenant Church (La Vina) for their 14th anniversary.  

In addition to sharing about the second year of Mariachi in Kerman High, Mr. Nance shared some insight on what is happening in the other schools. There are rumors going around that Kerman Middle School may pick up a new Mariachi Class as well as a string class by next year! Imagine that, Kerman being one step closer to having an orchestra. Hopefully these goals can come to fruition with the help of music teachers like Mr. Nance and Ms. Adams alike.

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