Oakland’s Possible Hope – Ricky Oaks

It is now official. In the year 2020, the Oakland Raiders will move east and become the, “LAS VEGAS RAIDERS.” The proposed move by majority owner of the Raiders, Mark Davis, had the NFL owners association passed in a 31-1 landslide, with only the Miami Dolphins owner disapproving the move. Nearly all of the silver state is jumping up and down about the move but here in California, it is almost a complete opposite reaction. Many people are reacting like people in St. Louis and San Diego reacted, burning shirts, jerseys, and memorabilia. Especially here in the Central Valley, an area divided between mainly the Niner Faithful and the beloved Black Hole, many Raider fans are flustered with the move. However, there is still a complex possibility of there still being an Oakland Raiders even with the move.

Back in 1995, the Cleveland Browns were to m to Baltimore, giving the city it’s first football franchise since the Baltimore Colts relocated to Indianapolis in 1983. I know what you’re thinking, “But if they moved to Baltimore in ‘83, then why is there a terrible team today called the Cleveland Browns?” Well, that is because when they relocated, the owner Art Modell rebranded the whole team during the move, changing the team to the Baltimore Ravens instead of keeping the nickname and being called the Baltimore Browns. Then in 1999, the Cleveland Browns were reinstated as a new franchise in the NFL.

So why does this relate to the Raiders’ predicament? Well, if right cards are played, in the move to Vegas, the owner Mark Davis could change the team name to per say the Las Vegas Cobras/Outlaws/Bandits/etc. ,and there would be a possibility that if all team owners approve of it, the bay area city of Oakland could reunite with the NFL as an expansion team and behold the great name of the Oakland Raiders once again!

Look, even though I am a 49ers faithful, I feel for the Raider fans. Whenever we think Raiders, we think of Oakland. And when we all think of Oakland, we all think of Raiders, so it is very hard to process the fact of there will be no more Oakland Raiders and the history that is associated with the name. I totally am against the move because it ruins one of the best backyard rivalries of all time. It would still exist, but it wouldn’t be the same, which is why I hope, that this longshot of a situation can happen.

I now propose this to Mark Davis, the owners of NFL franchises, and Roger Goodell, when this move does happen in 2020, I plead to Mr. Davis to at least leave the great Raider name in the city of Oakland. As for the other 31 team owners and Goodell, I speaking for the dedicated Black Hole when I hope you can give Oakland a franchise, because you are losing a large, dedicated fan base in Oakland. These fans have been standing with the Raiders thick and thin, and they were enthusiastic when they came back from Los Angeles 22 years ago and have kept that momentum going. If it is possible they are reading this is improbable, but I am giving the Raider-mites the thing you all need right now, Faith and Hope.

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