Kerman Friday Night Live Chapter




Kerman Friday Night Live has been off to a great start, working on multiple projects to improve their community. Their most recent accomplishment as a chapter was the tobacco and smoke-free policy, which made parks throughout Kerman tobacco and smoke-free. The Kerman FNL presented on October 19 in front of city council members on the data that was collected from local residents about their opinion on tobacco and smoke-free parks. The tobacco and smoke-free policy passed on November 2nd, after a unanimous vote from city council members. FNL collaborated with The American Lung Association and were able to pass this policy with their passion and dedication toward their community and support from city council.

It all started off with an idea of finding a way to improve the community’s environment, and, with the help of The American Lung, young people were able to be part of that change. Throughout the process, youth collected many forms of data (cigarette butts and other tobacco related products) from multiple parks and community members. They surveyed community members and interviewed public officials about their opinion on tobacco and smoke-free parks. FNL members also reached out to their local news editor to inform the community about the positive work youth were doing. The Friday Night Live chapter has made many improvements in their community and will continue to keep up their hard work and dedication to have a healthy and safe community.

                                                                                                           By:  Jasmine Ibal and Nalitza Ival                                                                                                            Kerman FNL Youth Leaders

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