Harvest Festival Recap – Bella Barba

Once again the city has outdone itself with Kerman’s 73rd annual Harvest Festival. This years theme was The City of Kerman Is Patriotic. The shops along main street were in competition to see who could decorate the most patriotic. Kerman Floral and Gifts won first, La Princesa Bakery won second, then the Sebastian building in third place by one point. The Harvest Festival started on a Thursday and entry was free. Friday, Saturday and Sunday a person had to pay a $5 entry fee. There were many rides, good food, and entertainment throughout the night.
Sunday was a family day, many activities were focused around family events. People from surrounding cities also come and enjoy themselves. People from Mendota, San Joaquin, Firebaugh, and other small towns travel to Kerman’s Festival. On Saturday floats, bands,
horses, football players, and much more march on main street to entertain all the people waiting
to see the floats. Girl Scouts held a banner for each division in the opening of the parade.
The Harvest Festival has changed during all these years, but one thing remains the same:
The fact that is all the friendliness, smiles, and good times that Kermanites have for everyone.

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