Girl’s Volleyball Senior Night

Last Thursday night was Senior Night for our Senior Varsity Volleyball Girls and it was a game to remember.  It was their last home game and they knew that it was their last time to shine at home.  They managed to catch up to their opponents when they were behind by a couple of points, even though the struggle was real.




Each player did very well out on the court, trying to keep that ball from touching the ground and keeping their cool under pressure.


Every now and then, a player would fall on the ground but they quickly got up, knowing that the game and their team were waiting for them to go on.



They took advantage of each moment they got to keep their opponents from outshining them on the court, and pictured above you can really see that teamwork is what gets the job done.


In the end, they did not manage to win the game, but they knew that they had given it their all and that with their coach’s support and the support of the community, they managed to put up a good fight.

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