img_8569It’s Homecoming Week at Kerman High School!!! Day 1 yesterday was pajama day. Today is Tacky Tourist Tuesday. This whole week the classes are playing crossfire. Today the Senior class beat the sophomores and, yesterday the Juniors beat the Freshmen. Tomorrow Seniors and Juniors will play it off for 1st.  The homecoming theme for the floats this year are musicals. Seniors have Grease, Juniors have Hairspray, Sophomores have The Wizard of Oz and, Freshmen have The Nightmare Before Christmas. The football team plays Sierra High School. Come out to support your schools team and to see some creative floats before the Varsity game starts. Hope to see you there!

img_8562 img_8517img_8558 img_8555 img_8561 img_8551 img_8550 img_8548 img_8545 img_8543 img_8542


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