KHS Journalism goes to the SF Chronicle

14632681_1618930015078504_2042388245_o14724222_1618930011745171_1364538218_oOn Wednesday October 12, the Kerman High School Journalism Club took their trip to San Francisco. The club attended the Chronicle’s morning meeting, where the editors discussed the plan for the week’s paper. The students were able to receive an inside look on what journalism would be like as a profession. “Going to visit the SF Chronicle was the highlight of my year so far. It was such a privilege to be able to attend one of their morning meetings, it really opened my eyes.” said Journalism co-president Valerie Salazar. When asked how they managed to get the funds for the trip, journalism member Carolina Bravo said, “The trip was fund raised for by the previous year’s Journalism Club. We worked really hard all year, and we thought we deserved a reward.” The club plans to make another trip to the San Francisco Chronicle at the end of the 2017 school year.

(by: David Jordan)


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