New Year, New Class: Mariachi


(Pictured above: Zaira Ruiz)

The new school year marks the beginning of many new things, new schedules, new renovation projects completed over the summer, and the start of new courses being offered at the our high school. In addition to the school’s new Photography program (taught by Mr. Bakholdin) , the school has received $50,000 for new mariachi instruments to be used in the new Mariachi program  (taught by Mr. Nance).

Mariachi music is the most notable style of music coming from Mexico, and Kerman High School (having a majority of students of Latin American heritage) decided that offering a course teaching Mariachi would be both popular and successful.

(Pictured above: Frank Chavira)

The standard Mariachi consists of many instruments, some used to play Mariachi music exclusively. Standard Mariachi instruments consist of instruments versatile in many styles like the Trumpet (often used in Jazz and brass bands), the Guitar (used in classical Spanish, Rock, Country, and Jazz among others) , and Violin (used mainly in classical music). The Mariachi exclusive instruments are variations of the Guitar, with some differences. The Vihuela (pictured above) is very similar to the standard guitar, but only having 5 strings and the middle G string tuned up an octave. The Guitarron (bass of the mariachi) has a similar shape to the guitar, but is significantly larger, is in a different tuning, and has a back that resembles the shell of a large turtle.

Though the Mariachi class was off to a rocky start (due to instruments arriving late), the students are in good spirits and hope to represent Kerman High at the many events planned for the Mariachi in the span of the next year.


(Pictured above: Ricardo Mendoza)


(Pictured above: Band Director and Teacher Mr. Nance labeling a Guitar)

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