The SOAR Club is starting off the school year with lots of members. On Tuesday’s meeting, September 27th, SOAR Club held a quick meeting led by Mr. Smith and Mr. Mellow during lunch to discuss and vote for officers. In the election, there is a total of 12 club members for nominees: 2 for President, 3 for Vice President, 3 for Secretary, 1 for Treasurer, and 3 for ASB Representatives. The Presidents’ nominees is Nikole Tarter and Harmanpreet Brar. For Vice President, they are Komal Virdi, Rajveer Grewal, and Sukhmeet Bains. Secretary’s nominees are Alexandra Kirkpatrick, Martin Coronado, and  Zayleah Evans. Treasurer’s only nominee is Kimberley Madrigal and the ASB Representative nominees are Destiny Corrales, Neha Singh, and Enrrique Cadena. Who would be the new 2016-17 SOAR Club officers? We are soon to find out!

img_8461 img_8460 img_8459


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