Star Wars XII: The Force Awakens – Ricky Oaks

There has been a great disturbance in the force as one of the biggest movie franchises in history has returned to the big screen. Star Wars is now back in theatres for the first time in over a decade since Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. Not only is this a new film for the franchise, but also the first film to not be in control by a person or company that has has the name “Lucas.” In 2012, Disney bought rights to the Star Wars saga from Lucasfilm for $4 billion. There is a new director taking George Lucas seat in the director’s chair, J.J. Abrams.  


In the new film taking place in a galaxy far far away, we fast forward 30 years since the destruction of the 2nd Death Star and ending with a celebration on endor. There is a new group taking over the galaxy called the First Order, lead by the tri-saber wielding Kylo Ren.  However, there is also knew heroes in the new galactic alliance. Ray, a feisty scavenger from Tatooine, and Fin, a troubled stormtrooper who changes his fate and turns his back on the First Order.  There is also an introduction of a new droid with the new and adorable BB-8. Along with these new heroes, we see the return of the classic heroes in Leia Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, as well as the droids C3PO and R2-D2.


When Disney announced the trailer on YouTube, the video got 112 million views in the first 24 hours alone. The hype started with bold predictions and excitement, but also some criticism as well, considering how fans reacted to the prequels. Once the movie came out after a long wait on December 17, 2015, it left fans in awe. The film’s graphics and dialogue were so realistic, it made you believe it was real. Then not only did it answer previous questions left unanswered from the previous films, but also leaving a few to be answered soon. The film was possibly one of the biggest movie premieres of all time, becoming the biggest worldwide opening weekend since Avatar. At this point, Star Wars has made $1.87 billion in the box office alone, well exceeding the cost to make the film in roughly $2 million. That isn’t even including the millions and millions made in merchandise.
J.J. Abrams did such a great job with not only reimagining Lucas’ ideas, but also with casting the actors in Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. The film for sure is going to leave it’s mark in movie history, breaking 17 worldwide cinematic records. Now we have to wait for 2017, with now another film in the making. Hopefully, it will make it up to the hype, as it is going to be tough to beat the records The Force Awakens has made. And as many characters have said in the past, ”May the force be with you.”

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