KHS Funds – Alexandra Kirkpatrick


Have you ever wondered where your school’s money goes? If you do, you’re not the only one. To find out where our school’s money went, I went straight to the boss. That was none other than our principal, Pamela Sellick.

I came to her with these questions. First, I asked where the money came from. She answered by saying part of it comes from the state of California and another part is from the federal government, which depends on the amount of struggling students.

I went on to ask where most of that money goes. She answered saying that about 80% is used on employees and administration of the school. The other 20% is used on the building, books, and the necessary appliances.

I asked if the school was doing anything to raise more money. She answered with a simple no. However, many clubs do raise money by selling at snack bars and much more.

I finished off by asking if there was anything Mrs. Sellick would like to put money towards, but there just isn’t enough for. She would really like for each student to have their own computer. I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope one day your hope will come true, Mrs.Sellick.

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