Fresno’s Forestiere Gardens – Gabriela Barba

Fresno’s Forestiere Gardens have the touch of beauty and elegance as the garden is portrayed to be holy. The famous Trinity Gardens are in fact, based on the Holy Trinity with three different types of citrus trees growing out of a triangle based flowerbed.

The man who built it was an Italian by the name of Baldassare Forestiere. Born in 1879, Forestiere moved to America when his father refused to pass any land to Baldassare in Italy. He ended up in Fresno, California where he bought 10 acres of land and then built a shack and began sowing trees. He hit a type of rock called hardpan, which is very difficult to farm on, in his very first hole. He soon found out his whole property was covered in it. To make matters worse, Fresno was going through a heat wave at the same time. To escape the summer heat, Forestiere dug a burrow underground.  He packed all his belongings in with him as he tried to outlast the sweltering temperatures.   With only a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and a pick, Forestiere excavated over 50 different rooms and gardens by the age of 40.  Amazingly all of the rooms, gardens, and archways he made in his home modeled that of Roman Architecture.

Because Forestiere was raised Christian, the Holy Trinity is a common theme in the gardens, along with the number three. Based on my experience there I would recommend going to the Forestiere Gardens with your family the next time you go out. It is a short drive into Fresno, and even has an In n’ Out just across the street once you are done there.  

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