Technology in our lives – Harman Brar

Technology has changed the way that we communicate and connect to the rest of the world, but is that necessarily a good thing? Technology has enveloped our lives. With every new invention and innovation there are pro’s and con’s. On one hand, technology has made our lives much easier. On the other hand, I think technology is making us much more socially inept.

Some new technologies that have come to fruition in the past century have been the radio, video games, cell phones and the internet. All amazing things, some to entertain us and some to help us. The internet has transformed the way that we share information, how we get informed on the news and we choose to respond. Video games are something that everyone has become familiar with and also has become an annual $30 billion industry.

Technology helps us understand political ideals and world events much better and faster. Instead of being spoon fed what to think and believe by filtered and politically biased news corporations. We can see uncensored versions of those events from multiple points of view in the matter of minutes or even in real time. This has led to many movements and revolutions around the world such as Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

However, if you begin to look deeper you find that rather than using technology to accent our lives and be another tool we can utilize, it seems that technology has become our lives. If you go anywhere, rather than finding people talking and having genuine human interactions, most are staring into their phones. One of my favorite criticisms of this phenomenon is in the film “her (2013)” which doesn’t exist to make any profound statements on this subject but still shows where we’re headed with technology and how it might affect us in the future.

The advancement of technology is inevitable. I can already see how it’s making the world and our role in it more complex. It’s quite scary to imagine how the technological landscape of the 21st century will evolve and grow but if we are to traverse it we must understand it.

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