What is North Korea? – Carter Otto

North Korea, or the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is classified as a Communist country, and has been the topic of many political occurrences.  However, not very many people truly know what North Korea is.  This is due to the fact that North Korea tries its best to remain isolated from most of the world, and remains to be very secretive. Another reason to this is thanks to the movie The Interview.

    This being said, The Interview does have many truths, but a lot of it is simply political satire and at some points exaggerated. Unfortunately, many people are still oblivious of the truths and brutality of North Korea. North Korea is truly a mysterious place that still leaves many secrets left uncovered.

    First off, North Korea can be classified as a more radical or extreme socialist society.  The government, headed by Kim Jong Un, oversees much of the nation’s economy.  Not only that, but many people’s lives are monitored by Un’s followers.  Kim Jong Un’s way of leading his country effectively causes him to be a dictator of a totalitarian society.

    Unfortunately, no one is completely safe in North Korea.  Many citizens are publically executed and are the ones that aren’t dead may be on the verge of starvation.  Not even Kim’s most loyal followers are safe, because there have been reports that he’s ordered the execution of various government officials that were considered loyal to him. Members of his family aren’t completely safe either, as Kim Jong Un had executed his uncle, and his brother is supposedly living his life in hiding.

    A great question rises as well, how does Kim feed his people? Due to there being a shortage of food in North Korea, people are fed based on their family history.  The amount someone is fed, is dependent on the actions of their past ancestors. The government then judges how trustworthy these people can be and that determines how much they get to eat. If you or any of your family is deemed suspicious, there is a great chance that you may be executed or sent to a prison/labor camp.

    North Korea, does have one strength, and it’s their military.  Although they may not be as advanced as the U.S when it comes to their equipment, the North Korean army is the largest in the world.  Their ground troops have the most active soldiers out of any one of their military branches.  There’s also the rumor of their nuclear weapons circulating around. Although they do have nuclear weapons, they aren’t a threat to America.  North Korea is really only an immediate threat to nations surrounding it. The North Korean nukes, are unable to get all the way across the pacific ocean, and may only be able to reach Japan.

    The worst thing about North Korea, in my opinion is how the people view Kim Jong Un.  Most people blindly believe in his propaganda.  A lot of the citizens view Kim as a god and see that he’s their savior who’s protecting them from countless external threats. For those that don’t believe the propaganda, have to face the brutality of his heartless regime.  There have been countless stories and accounts given to us by defectors who have seeked refuge in South Korea. Through their testimonies we get a better picture of the hermit nation.  We know of the horrors that take place, like living human medical experiments and the everyday life for an average citizen.

North Korea, although still a mystery, is slowly being revealed to the rest of the world.  The isolated hermit nation still has many secrets hidden and little by little we are discovering more information.  It is through the courage and sacrifice of many defectors and the efforts of many nations, such as the U.S and South Korea, that we are able to get a better understanding of that terrible place.  One day, the entire truth will be revealed and the entire world, including his most loyal citizens and followers,  will see the real face of Kim Jong Un’s regime.

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