Youtube – David Jordan and Valeria Salazar

Youtube is one of biggest entertainment outlets in the world currently, as of today there are thousands of youtube celebrities; some of the biggest are being included in commercials, movies, or even have TV shows of their own! With over millions of people posting new content everyday, there is a wide array of entertainment to amuse the masses.

On February 14, 2005. Former PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steven Chen, and Jawed Karim started off YouTube with the intent of becoming a social media outlet. Within a few years it became one of the largest entertainment providers in the world. The year of 2007 was the year that YouTube had begun getting attention, starting a small community of Bloggers with some being the big YouTube celebrities we know and love today. As of May of 2007, YouTube began rewarding their top content creators with the “Partnership Program”, a program that pays the top creators for their work by putting ads on their videos. Youtube celebrities such as Lisa Nova, Smosh, and Valsartdiary were some of YouTube’s first “partners”. With YouTube becoming “too hard to handle”, the newfound millionaires sold their creation to the multimillion dollar company Google.

With Google being the new owners of Youtube, the website had begun the age of change. Waves and waves of new employees began working at Youtube and numerous internet sensations began making content themselves. This was the time where Youtube had became a household name. People even began canceling their satellite subscription, watching Youtube videos instead of television. Many people today still use Youtube as their preferred entertainment provider, some watching over 40 videos every day!

The term “Youtubers” began being used to describe the bigger names in Youtube, some Youtubers being: Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles, Drew Monson, Trisha Paytas, and many others. The Youtubers of today make $5 to $10 every 1,000 views and with ads, make over $9.35 every 1,000 views. The average Youtuber would have 500k+ views on their daily video, a viral video on the other hand would have 12.5 million or more views.

Overall, Youtube has become one of the leading entertainment outlets, with over millions of users logging on everyday, there is so much content being uploaded and watched. Youtube will continue to grow in community and content, and will always be, a website that defined a generation.

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