How Kerman is different from other schools – Ricky Oaks

At Kerman High School, we often have a few new students that come from out of Fresno County. The first question they’ll ask when they hear Kerman is, where and what the heck is Kerman? Then they will google it and find Kerman, Iran, then to realize they are going to Kerman, California that has a population of about 14,000 people. They hope to go to a big High School where their High School is one of the top schools in the county. They expect a school where every single athletic event is ranked by the CIF in their division of competition. Often these types of school’s are the major school’s are in the biggest part of the Central Valley in Fresno and Clovis Unified School Districts. However, Kerman is outlooked by these so called “Big named high school’s” in the Central Valley. But there are perks that we have here that other schools don’t have.

  As a Freshman, one of the hardest sights to see is seeing all the upperclassmen going to lunch with a bag full of Panda Express, or Subway in their hands. The freshmen are in awe that in one year they are able to go off campus to eat whatever their stomachs desire. What they don’t realize is that if they were to say go to Clovis North or Clovis High School, they can’t even go off campus till you are a senior. And to make our school sound a little better, why travel by car 2 miles for a Big Mac at Hoover High School when we can walk to McDonald’s, get what we want, and come back with plenty of time to eat what you want. You can even order a pizza and walk there to get what you want.

  Even though we are a small school, Kerman is considered one of the top schools in the San Joaquin Valley. Also how many schools can you go to that will now have a student section in the back of the end zone, so loud that opposing teams can’t even hear the cadence. Finally, how many schools not only in the state of California, but the world have tried to bring one of the world’s greatest and most well known actors to their homecoming with a social media campaign #tomhanks2kermanhc, so large it caught the media attention from all around the world. So don’t be sad that we live in a town in the middle of California no one knows, be proud of where you live and wear the label you represent with pride every time you step on campus and say, “I am a Kerman Lion.”

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