Chemicals and Cosmetics – Carolina Bravo

Many people, especially women, use cosmetics and self-care products in their day to day life. What people don’t ask themselves enough is: Are these products safe to use? You may think a product is safe for use if it’s allowed to be distributed to the public. Sadly, that is not the truth. According to the Breast Cancer Fund website, these Products are filled with synthetic ingredients and hazardous chemicals.

What numerous people fail to realize is that these chemicals really are harmful, yet the FDA allows for the widespread use of these products, stating that they are safe in small quantities. Lydia Ramsey from also researching on this topic states that makeup is largely unregulated. In some European countries, they have already banned the use of many of these chemicals being used in self care products. However, these same chemicals are allowed in the U.S. Some ingredients in these products are known carcinogens. These seemingly safe products put you at more risk for cancer. No matter how praised or popular the brand, they could still be containing things that can harm you.

Safer alternatives to chemically made products do exist, although they are usually quite expensive. Ironically, Some cosmetics products advertise specially during October to support breast cancer but are the same thing that helps cause it.

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